Welcom To Rebounce Physiotherapy Clinic

Pediatric developmental Therapy

Nurturing young potential through specialised care, Rebounce Physiotherapist.

Electrotherapy - IFT

Experience advanced healing with Electrotherapy IFT at Rebounce , accelerating recovery.

Traction / Ultrasound

Discover relief through Traction Ultrasound at Rebounce , a gentle approach to healing and restoring comfort.

Muscle Stimulator /TENS

Enhance healing and alleviate pain with Muscle Stimulator/TENS therapy at Rebounce, revitalizing your body's.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Empowering stroke survivors through specialised rehabilitation at Rebounce, reclaiming independence.

Manipulative Therapy

Experience hands-on healing through Manipulative Therapy at Rebounce, restoring alignment and mobility.

Sports Physiotherapy

aim to help individuals recover from sports-related injuries and prevent further damage.

Workplace Assessment (Ergonomics)

This Service provided to ensure that a person’s working environment is suitable.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

This is aim to improve and maintain the physical function and overall well-being of older individuals.

Women's Health Physiotherapy

Is a non-surgical treatment used for a number of women’s health problems.